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Mizu Bay Launch and Review!

Hey everyone! I know it has been a while since I’ve posted, I just recently got back into doing actual photo-shoots! Most are in cosplay, which you can see on my Instagram HERE.

HOWEVER! A friend of my mine, Maria, recently launched her online boutique. Maria reached out and asked me to model some of her new clothing and I have to say; every single piece of clothing is amazing, from the beach dresses to the jeans! Today, I’m going to write a review on each item I modeled, starting with . . .

Listed as “Comfy distressed Capri Ocean Jeans”.
The top is listed as “Tie Black Top”.
I am wearing a size 3.

The jeans are extremely comfortable. As most of you know, I’m on the curvier side. I usually have to jump to put jeans on. These jeans were like butter: Super soft, stretchy and comfy. For once, I have no complaints. I actually took these bad boys home and have been getting plenty of use out of them. I’m even excited to pair them with boots for the winter.

Listed as “Resort Wrap Dress- White”.
I am wearing a size Small.

The dresses are VERY flattering and elegant. They are great to wear to a summer wedding or just a casual brunch. The materials are so soft and light, which makes them perfect for a summer must have. I love that this dress is so versatile for a date night, event or just dinner with the girls!

Listed as “Cold shoulder Graphic T.”
I am wearing a size small.

This graphic tee is by far one of favorite items. Being that I am a party princess entertainer and I cosplay Ariel a lot this was perfect. Also, major quarantine vibes. The t-shirt says “I want to be with where the people aren’t.” Which is a major mood for most of us lately. I also like the slashed rip and cold shoulder, gives it more to just being an average T-shirt.

Listed as “Leopard cold shoulder top” Wearing a size small – paired with “Comfy Distressed Capri Ocean Jeans” – size 3.

I am not particularly into animal print… but I do love this sweater. I love the grey tone and the cold shoulder. It’s extremely cozy, is also appropriate for any season, even winter. It’s thin enough for a cool summer night and thick enough for a night by the fire place. I highly recommend it.

Listed as the “Maxi Dress Ombré”
I am wearing a size small.

This maxi dress is so beautiful, especially in person. It is very airy and even has… POCKETS! I love dresses with pockets to much… I know a lot of people feel me on that! It’s very flowy and romantic. The material is so soft. This is another great dress you can wear to the beach or to a fancy event.

Listed as “Shorts and Maxi Dress All in one”
Wearing a size small.
Top is a one piece Swimsuit (not yet listed)

So these pants are absolutely beautiful. I know I am starting to sound like a broken record but they are so soft and comfortable. They are also something you can pair with anything from a crop top, swimsuit or a fancy dress shirt. It gives the appearance of a dress but it’s actually shorts. If you aren’t a fan of chaffing , this is a perfect item for you. They are very flowy yet flattering at the same time.

Listed as “Tie Dye Blue And White Distressed Top”
I am wearing a size Small.
Paired with Ocean full covered Distressed shorts.” wearing a size Medium.

This look was among my favorites because I’m all about comfort. The jean shorts have a lot of coverage but also aren’t too long. They are very stretchy and comfortable. I can also assure you that they fit and cover big a bigger sized booty!! The t-shirt isn’t your average have-to-wash to get soft. It is very thin and super light. I am wearing a size small. They do run big to give it a very comfy and relaxed look.

The top is listed as “Tie Black Top”
I am wearing a size small.
Jean shorts are listed as
“Cheetah Print Distressed Shorts.”
I am wearing a size Medium.

Last, but not least, I am pictured again wearing the Tie Black Top, which goes with pretty much anything. The shorts are also pretty full coverage. They are slightly shorter then the Ocean full coverage ones but still cover just enough. They are also soft and stretchy. I love the subtle cheetah print. I would definitely wear these on a regular basis.

All items are linked and if you are interested in purchasing please visit I highly suggest all the items I have worn and can vouch that all of the clothing items are beautifully made. Even the ones I haven’t modeled. They are very comfortable and perfect for summer. I own quite a few items myself and will be modeling more very soon! Feel free to ask me if you have any questions or contact Mizubay directly for personal inquiries. You can also custom sizes that are not listed on the website! You can also visit them on social media through Instagram @mizubay.

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