Higher, Further, Faster

So after a long hiatus I am finally back. To be completely honest I have had serious writers block and my mind wasn’t in the greatest place. This pandemic has taken a serious toll on my mental health. The past few days have changed a lot for me. I know the last time I have written I was working as a teacher. When I went back for in person I was laid off. I decided to join the front lines and go back into the medical field as a COVID Tester. Though it is a lot of work, I felt it gave me purpose and it felt good to help people again. I may actually stick with the medical field going forward. However the past weekend has been a game changer. I finally did something I have wanted to do for a VERY long time. I FLEW A PLANE.

So to be completely transparent the second we pulled up to the aviation center, my hands got clammy and I instantly felt nervous. My anxiety kicked in full gear. I sat in the waiting room for a bit and in walked our instructor Madin.

Madin (Flight Instructor) & I

Also to clarify Dom came with me and also took a flight lesson too. He actually made this all happen since it’s been a dream of mine for a VERY long time. Anyway, when I met Madin I was instantly put at ease. His demeanor, reassuring confidence and knowledge as an instructor immediately made me feel safe. He showed us the plane and I just said to myself “I can do this!”. I climbed in the cockpit and he showed me how to steer with my feet. He then proceeded to explain to me everything I needed to know in order to take off.

The take off!

I can’t even begin to explain the feeling of taking off for the first time. It was so exhilarating. It was probably the best feeling I’ve ever felt. There seriously is nothing in the world like flying. In that moment I instantly realized that this wasn’t just a dream fulfilled it was the beginning of a journey. I will continue to take classes in hopes to one day earn my Private Pilot license. I’d really like to be a flight instructor someday. I’d love to share this feeling with others and of course teach them how to fly! If you are thinking of taking an Intro to flight Class or want to take regular lessons like me, I highly recommend Farmingdale Aviation. They are located in Long Island. The staff is extremely professional, kind and will make your experience everything mine was. A private pilot license and lessons are a pricey investment but I will be doing my best to save and clock some hours over a long span of time. I highly suggest if you have any interest or dream to fly, GO FOR IT! I will link Farmingdale Aviation’s website below!


5 thoughts on “Higher, Further, Faster

  1. When we got out of the car, I would say she had a full out walking Panic Attack and tried to run away screaming like she was on fire.

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  2. Awesome Cap! Absolutely Marvelous! You’re definitely the real life Captain Marvel! That Flight video you post feel like a rollercoster ride & it remind me of the flight scene from GTA5 for all of the people who are familiar with the game since 2013 lol. Thanks for sharing Cap & welcome back to blogging.


  3. I have to say being her Mom I’m so proud of my daughter for doing everything she sets out to do. This has been a dream come true for her. Even though I’m nervous about her flying, I’m so proud of her

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