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When you Rescue an Animal, are they really Rescuing You?

So a few weeks ago I got one of the greatest gifts I could have ever asked for, a new best friend. My neighbors co-worker had a litter of kittens in his backyard. The mother cat stopped coming around and his family took the litter in. My neighbor showed us the pictures and asked if we’d be interested. So after some consideration, we decided it was time for a new member. Losing Luke was extremely tough, especially in the middle of the pandemic. It was exceptionally hard from me because he was the closest with me. I had 3 cats for a very long time and a couple years before Luke, I lost my other cat Mimi. Luckily we still have Chase here with us, who is 10 years old now. Even though I love him very much, he’s bonded way more with my mother than he is with me. So after Luke I really felt alone. We discussed bringing a new cat in with Chase and what that would look like. At first we really wanted a boy because our last girl Mimi wasn’t very friendly. However when we saw the pictures of the kittens we automatically picked her. When we found out she was a girl and it just made more sense to pick her. Mostly so we wouldn’t have to put Chase through the whole dominance alpha male struggle that previously went on with him and Luke, when he was brought home. The second we pulled up and I saw her I knew she was ours. I knew she was coming home with us.

Before all of this it was recommended that I get a therapy animal by family members, friends and even a therapist. I work remotely from home so I’m around for her all of the time. She was just 4 1/2 weeks when we brought her home and it was very easy to bond with her. A lot of waking up in the middle of the night for feedings and early mornings but she was more than worth it. I fell in love with her fast. I ended up rearranging my entire bedroom for her to have space for her play pen, scratching post, cat bed, and absurd amount of toys. Yes, I know she is spoiled but again, she’s worth it. She has truly brought my anxiety down so much. It is so nice to focus on something other than myself and my thoughts. She is still just a helpless little baby. Putting her needs before mine, really helped me adjust my energy elsewhere. I pray she grows up to be as loving as she is now when she gets to be a full sized cat.

So why the name Leia?

Well for starters I really wanted a name that was a nod to my cat that passed away, Luke. He was named after Luke Skywalker so we thought, why not Leia? The name fits her so well because she is most definitely the princess of sass. She also happens to love the Star Wars theme music and she loves to watch all the ships fly. Not to mention I think she has a crush on Ezra Bridger. Video shown below.

Leia watching Rebels

Leia has truly made my life a lot more fun, interesting, cuddly and full of love. It’s been a very hard few months and I’ve struggled pretty bad mentally with my anxiety. She has been such a light in this difficult time and I will forever be grateful for her. Being that I am the one fully taking care of her, we have bonded so much. She reminds me a lot of Luke. Especially how loving she is. I didn’t realize how much an animal can help your mental state. I truly feel even though she’s the rescue, she’s saved me in so many ways.

I’ll attach some cute moments in the gallery below! I apologize for being a bit M.I.A. but I do have the cutest reason!

2 thoughts on “When you Rescue an Animal, are they really Rescuing You?

  1. Hello Sam! Thanks for sharing! Leia is so adorable. Your bond with her is Amazing. I’m glad you’re happy Friend. I’m a Cat Person too & not I’m just sayin that cuz of Felicia Hardy (Black Cat) lol . 🐾🐈👩🏼❤️


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