Fighting grief with giving back.

This has been an extremely tough time for the world.

Especially those cursed with anxiety disorder and depression. I know that I seem like a very extroverted person, considering I’m always doing something. The truth is, I’m definitely mixture of both extrovert and introvert. I’ve pushed myself out of my shell with modeling, cosplay, Princess party performing and organizing big charity events . . .

And yet… there’s still a voice inside that tells me to wrap myself into a blanket burrito and lay in my bed away from the world. This pandemic has been extremely hard for me, because I am really missing my loved ones, especially my significant other. The Facetime & Instagram & zoom sessions have gotten me through so far, but I’m sure everyone can relate. This stinks.

Dressed as Cradle Of Aviations museum’s orginal character, Captain Cradle.

However! Being a princess party company owner and a cosplayer, I have access to many, MANY costumes. I’ve been doing free personalized video message “check ins” and story book readings for children who are also quarantined. At the beginning of the week, I dressed as Ariel and did at least 10-15 videos. A few days ago I did a book reading as Captain Marvel for the NY Avengers page. Today I did Thirty-Six 40 second personalized Elsa videos. I am also the official Cosplayer for Cradle of Aviation’s original character, Captain Cradle, and I did a book reading dressed as her for their Instagram and Facebook as well. The reactions to these have been awesome! All of this work has really put my mind at ease, even though it can be stressful and consuming. It’s nice to know that even though I’m struggling, that I just made a child’s day a tiny bit brighter. It also fills my day up. There’s really nothing like seeing the smiles on their faces or even reading thank you messages from parents. Here’s some reaction videos:

One ounce of kindness can make a world of a difference.

I know this is a time that everyone is stressed. Especially the kids. They are trapped in the house on beautiful days, they miss their friends at school. I actually read a book and taught a lesson today, as Elsa, to my students. I think that might keep their attention while they are distracted at home.

As a cosplayer, or a creator, you still have the need to do what you love. This gives me the balance to put my Cosplays on and communicate. It’s a win-win. You don’t have to be a professional to give back. Any kind of book reading is nice for kids. If you happen to have a child friendly cosplay around , why not put it on and read them one of your favorite children’s books? You can also sing a song, do a craft or showcase a talent.

Now is a great time to use your skills and passion to give back. My hope for when all of this over it’ll make us a little kinder and remind us to not take everything for granted.

2 thoughts on “Fighting grief with giving back.

  1. Awesome blog Cap as always! It’s always great to see people spread happiness & positivity to people. You’re a true example of a person who promote positivity with your cosplays and live story time videos to kids. Thanks for sharing Cap. I might well create my own blog lol 🙏🏾😃


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